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As always, none of this would have been made possible without my dear friend and brother Kyle Swartzwelder, who has inspired me to continue making music in Philly. Also, original cover design by longtime collaborator, skateboarding pal, north star, Joshua Schnapf. 

words and music written by Matthew Rineer (2019 Red Rose City Music) 

vocals, acoustic guitar: Matthew Rineer

tenor acoustic guitar and electric guitar: Kyle Swartzwelder

engineered, mixed and mastered by Kyle Swartzwelder @ Black Forest Sound Studio in Glenside, PA

This will be the capstone of my solo writing projects. They will end for a long time. I'll be back soon, but with something new and way different. 

 Please give it a spin and support your local folk singer

 i wake up fast / i don't rest long / i cant stand the thoughts / i regret the wrongs / and i check my phone / but its still the same / you're done checking on me / you're done playing this game / you cant write a song / and expect everything to get better / the hurt sometimes / wont mend in lines / wont heal with chords / it ain't fixed with rhymes / i was a 30 year old / when i lost my way / when everything id known / was taken away / and to my surprise / i looked over at you / and we fell in love / we crashed right through / but i sank so deep / that i almost drowned / i pulled our love / into the cold cold ground / and i ran away / like a coward does / you were there alone / you were there my love 


come see us on 03/18!

come see us on 03/18!

click it 4 tickets

click it 4 tickets

new record "hazel" winter of 2018 

it's been a really long time you guys, but i'm excited to let you know that i'm back in the studio working on a new record. updates on that project + shows coming soon.


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