I have some exciting, stupendous, and important news: a few weeks ago I wrote five of the best songs I've written in years, maybe ever. Something happened to my brain, I think it was zapped by an electrical, creative, pulse that came from some alternate dimension located under my house, most likely torn open by Jones (my cat). Suddenly my super powers returned.

BELOW: a splice from a demo. The song is aptly named "Cedar Park", as I called this West Philly neighborhood home for many years and experienced the ups and downs and all arounds while living there. 

With this project, it'll be the first time I'll be recording my guitar parts from my home studio - oh the excitement. I've been learning a lot about engineering and recording and this task has been entrusted to me by a close friend and music partner WHO BELIEVES I WON'T TOTALLY SCREW THIS UP. 

Final drum tracks are finished (thanks to Owen Osborne & Kyle Swartzwelder - photo of session above). From here, together, we build a mid-sized fortress. 

Love, Matthew 

November 25, 2022

Coming June 3

Coming June 3

New single "10-21-19" AND new music vid headed your way in November. Cover photo and design by Kyle Swartzwelder (www.kyleswartzwelder.com)

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